We offer interest free terms to approved purchasers.

My principle activities include piano tuning, repairs and restoration,  stringed instruments, brass and woodwind, percussion etc.

I am regarded as one of the best luthiers in the business evident in my receiving work and commissions from across New Zealand usually dealing with professionals but locally also students and teachers.

One of my passions is the repair/restoration of vintage instruments which include acoustic and electric guitars, folk instruments such as banjos and mandolins etc. I can also boast to be an authority on most vintage and collectable rare items and I guess age is on my side so I have the experience and ability.

I also service early keyboard instruments to include Fender Rhodes and Wurlitser electric pianos, Hammond Tone-Wheel organs etc. I don’t get involved in later digital instruments and amplifiers etc as when opened up they tend to resemble a cell phone. Whilst some fantastic instruments are out there they are just “not my thing”  Feel free to contact me and ask if you need help.